Al Sahir Group of Companies one of the leading electrical manpower supply company which is known for providing qualified and experienced electrical labor on the short or long-term basis. We ensure that we meets the highest standards. Al Sahir Group of Companies are  registered company with offices in Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi that strictly follows all laws and legislation of Ministry of Labour, UAE.

Improvement in infrastructure is a priority for every country and especially in UAE. Rapid growth in infrastructure is leading to a strong demand for qualified electricians. Continued investment in these sectors means the future is bright and qualified electrician will remain in demand for next several years. As the demand for electrical labor is increasing it is becoming hard for organizations to find the electrical labor. Because of lack of electrical manpower projects are getting delayed. If you are facing similar kind of situation hire our manpower supply services and get qualified, licensed, and experienced electrical manpower for your short or long-term needs. Whether it is construction project, maintenance work, industrial project, you always need electrical labor at some point of time. if you want to hire electrician somewhere in UAE we can easily fulfill your requirements. Electrical labor is broadly divided into two groups.

Normal Electrician

Normal electrician is a licensed person who is expert in installing, operating, maintenance, and repairing of all kinds of electrical devices and wirings. These electricians are experts in installing wiring systems in the construction projects of houses, businesses, and factories. Generally, normal electrician works on low voltage tasks. Normal electricians are expert in locating the cause of a power breakdown and fix the problem.

Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians are entirely different from a normal electrician. They have to go through under a different training. They perform electrical work in industries and commercial buildings. Their main task is to install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment and components. Industrial electricians usually install and repair big electrical equipment’s and proficient in high voltage (HV) lines. They are expert in reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings, and electrical codes to determine the exact layout to install the industrial electrical equipment.


Al Sahir Group of Companies known for providing quality and licensed electrical manpower which can increase your efficiency and productivity. Our team of experts is known for providing manpower which suits best to your requirements. Getting the skilled, experienced, and genuine manpower is the best way to save your project delaying cost.